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Training for canteen staff on food safety.

A training session was conducted for food handlers at the MESIS school canteen on food safety in compliance with World Food Safety Day. The program was coordinated by the principal of MESIS, Mrs. Pramila Kannan, and a session was conducted by the school health nurse, Mrs. Shanu V. Shaji. The primary goal of the session was to safeguard food safety within the school canteen and ensure that the students receive healthy and hygienic food. During the session, the trainer emphasized the importance of food safety, hand washing and various steps in hand washing, the significance of personal hygiene and PPE, proper cleaning of canteen areas and documentation, guidelines to follow on account of employee illness and injury, guidelines while receiving food from vendors, and safe storage of food. A flash mob by the food handlers was the highlight of the program, in which they stressed the different steps of hand washing. The program concluded with a short message by Mr. Humayun, HR MESIS, in which he emphasized the significance of personal hygiene.