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The Principal’s Honor List (PHL) ceremony.

The Principal’s Honor List (PHL) ceremony at MESIS celebrated academic excellence and dedication. It was an honor to recognize the exceptional efforts of our students who demonstrated unwavering commitment to their studies. A total of 172 students across grades 1 to 11 were awarded Principal Honor Certificates for achieving outstanding results, marked by scoring A1 in their overall exams for the academic year 2023-2024.
This ceremony wasn’t just about applauding individual achievements and acknowledging the collaborative support of parents and the school community in nurturing our students’ potential. For Class 11 students, recognition was not only given for their overall performance but also for their subject-specific achievements.
The ceremony unfolded in two sessions, with the gracious presence of parents. In the first session, students from Grade IV to XI were honored, graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Ashraf Sharafudheen, Director Academics of the MES Governing Board, along with our esteemed Principal, Ms. Pramila Kannan, and Vice Principal. The second session focused on acknowledging students from Grade I to III.
The program prayer led by Mr. Talha from Grade VII. Master Savitr Sudheer, Head Boy of MESIS Grade XII, delivered a gracious welcome speech, setting a positive tone for the sessions. The insightful speeches by our esteemed principal enriched the occasion further. Lastly, the vote of thanks was eloquently delivered by Ms. Heiza Nousher, Head Girl of MESIS Grade XII, expressing gratitude for the collective efforts that made the event a resounding success.