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Twenty-one students and two teachers from MES Indian School, Abu Hamour Br., were among the twenty-three travelers who set off on an unparalleled journey to participate in an exhilarating voyage to NASA. The journey enhanced everyone’s sensation of learning and increased their intense drive to study through active participation in the exploration process.

Leading the charge in constructing a diverse knowledge-based economy in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, this educational and highly informative journey offered a promising window into the world of global education that presents remarkable opportunities, just like the one the MESIS space explorers toured.

In the course of the trip, the students participated in a three-day Space Camp training at the Kennedy Space Center, where they designed their own rocket with highly standardized parameters, allowing them to interact with their teachers and peers in a different setting and ultimately develop more substantive connections and long-term goals.

The amazing ‘NASA’ excursion offered students a chance to see, touch, and feel what they had been learning in the classroom. Along with providing an opportunity for young children to hone social skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication, it also encouraged social and emotional development.