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Shakespeare Day at MESIS: Celebrating the Legend

William Shakespeare once said, “Be great in act as you have been in thought.”
With much fervor and excitement, MESIS observed Shakespeare Day on April 23, 2024. Students in the middle and senior grades honored and celebrated the poet and playwright as a tribute to his life and legacy—the bedrock of English literature. While students in grades 7-8 turned quote writers for the day and actively engaged in the “Quote like Shakespeare” activity, the students in grades 5-7 employed artistic expression to create visually captivating masquerade ball masks. Selected exclusively for ninth-grade kids, the students explored their most creative potential and wrote essays about “A Day with Shakespeare.” The eleventh graders wrote incisively and from the heart on the theme “The Shakespeare in me” in another such meticulously curated assortment. A carefully crafted quiz encasing themes that encapsulated the core of the Shakespearean masterpieces was given to the tenth graders.
With gleeful faces and enlightened minds, the celebrations of the day came to a classic close, evoking and bringing to life William Shakespeare’s famous line, “All’s well that ends well.”