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Training program for 30 teachers from 15 various schools (2 teacher each school) took place in the MP Hall of our school on 18.03.2023 from 10.00 a.m to 12.30 p.m. Ms Nasreen anchored the program, Master Syed Ahmed Khaderi of Grade XII-B recited the prayer, Ms Pramila Kannan (Principal) gave a warm welcome to the teachers. Ms Hasmya Furkan and Ms Reshmi Girish presented the event describing the importance and need of Project Based Learning in the current scenario. Teachers enjoyed the session as they were involved to perform some projects and activities related to the topic. Ms Riya Antony delivered the vote of thanks. Mr Naikar Prasad Dhanrao, Mr Mohamed Nisar supported the event along with Mr Arun and Mr Ifsul. Teachers who attended the event were awarded e-certificate for their participation.
The below mentioned points were noted during the training:
  • Teachers considered the session to be very fruitful.
  • New ideas of teaching came up.
  • Active participation as a team irrespective of school was highly appreciated.
  • Hands on practice helps to retain the concept
  • Students learn the concept clearly and enjoy learning.
  • It was an overall high yielding training session.