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Points to be remembered while attending virtual classes

Dear Parent,


All parents and students are hereby requested to adhere to the following rules while attending virtual classroom sessions in order to make the classes more effective and efficient.

  • Students are expected to join the virtual classes on time and the device should be renamed in the following format:
    Format: Class & DivisionRoll No.Name of Student (In CAPITALS) Example: 1A 02 ABCDE
  • Students are required to sit in a well-lit place with good internet connectivity on their device during the virtual classes. The student should be provided with a headphone and webcam for attending the classes
  • Students must attend the classes in a free environment away from distractions of any kind and parents are requested to leave the children alone throughout the classes.
  • Parents’ involvement / intervention during the progress of the lessons are strictly not entertained, but encouraging students to complete the tasks and homework given in the class is appreciated.
  • The notes for the virtual class will be shared in the respective class WhatsApp group for a better understanding of the portions covered and in the parent portal under ‘Learning Resources’ in the school website www.mesisqatar.com. Formal communications will be conveyed through the portal. Parents are requested to regularly check the portal for all updates and make use of the learning resources to its maximum
  • For the purpose of future communication and online examinations all students are directed to create their own G-mail ID and send the same to their class teacher
  • Parents are requested to encourage the students to participate in all activities including class assembly, cultural activities, group activities and other classroom activities. Co-operation of all is solicited.