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As the academic year drew to a close, MESIS, on February 3, 2024, bid farewell to another cohort of graduating seniors, marking the end of a chapter filled with academic achievements, personal growth, and cherished memories. The farewell ceremony, held in the multipurpose hall of the school, was a poignant occasion that brought together students, faculty, and well-wishers to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating class and reflect on the journey that brought them to this momentous day.
With hearts full of gratitude and reverence for the almighty, the ceremony commenced with Master Abdul Muntaqim reciting holy verses from the Qur’an, igniting a flame of peaceful grace among the ones in attendance. Following shortly was the awaited welcome address by Ms. Maria Akthar Shaikh which, with immense grace and composure, acknowledged the presence of the valued and cherished faces seated at the venue.
The chief guest, Mr. Asharaf Sharafudheen, Director of Academics, MESIS and the honorable members of the management, MES, felicitated the program.
A heartfelt address by the school principal, Mrs. Pramila Kannan, who commended the graduating seniors for their dedication, resilience, and outstanding contributions to the school community, spoke eloquently addressing the outgoing batch, recalling their shared memories and experiences that resonated deeply with each one present at the venue. The vice principal of the school, Ms. Annie Francis, along with the ensemble of teachers of grades 11 and 12, thoroughly showered their blessings on the outgoing batch, following which the latter recounted and shared their experiences with the seniors.
In an array of exuberance awaiting the seniors, the concept of thoughtfully designed golden tickets to gain entry to the venue was cheered on at this event that spoke for itself. The stage was set for a resonating video presentation, ‘Journey to MESIS’, in which were captured the true essence of the time spent by the outgoing batch within the MESIS halls.
Amidst thunderous applause and cheers of encouragement from their peers and loved ones, the graduates, 57 students strong, ascended the stage to receive their very own mementos, following which, highly respectable achievement awards were gleefully presented to 10 sought-after students whose achievements spanning the two years of school in various disciplines bagged them the honour.
As the curtains rose, the audience was in for a treat to a kaleidoscope of colors, rhythms, and melodies, with Ms. Nayan Thambi voiced a soulful solo, the boys and the girls performing vibrantly to several tunes and harmonious delights.
As the ceremony drew to a close, the vice principal, Ms. Annie Francis concluded the festivities with her impactful vote of thanks, congratulating and thanking each person’s involvement in making the day a spectacle to remember and cherish for days to come. Uniting for the national anthem towards the end, the event closed with a magical photo-session as a final adieu to the outgoing students, who then gathered for a final, lavish lunch. The event, MESIS PRODIGIES, spoke leaps and bounds about bonds forged within the halls of MESIS, which will forever unite the students and staff as members of a cherished community shared experiences, values, and unforgettable memories.