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MESIS organized for its staff a day-long outing.

“One has stories to tell when adventures fill the soul.”

On the fateful day of December 17, 2023, MESIS organized for its staff a day-long outing with a view to rejuvenate, rejoice, and refresh their very cores. While each member of the MESIS family was grazed by the pleasant morning sun at the Al Bayt Stadium-Park, the lot was one with the mighty tides washing across the shore as the setting sun dimmed the evening sky at Azerbaijani Beach.

The principal of the school, Mrs. Pramila Kannan, was one with her MESIS family, as her unparalleled support and engagement were what kept the wheels moving. The day-long outing to memorable destinations and classy arrangements was conceived by Mr. Humayun Ali Khan, Mr Arun Kumar & Ms Fatma Yousra, where the staff participated in a variety of jolly activities and games that strengthened a strong sense of belongingness. Towards the end, the day came to a close for MESIS with chatter, laughter, and music filling the air.