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Mesis happiness centre in association with the Student Parliament launches an Anti-Bullying Campaign on Sunday March 19, 2023. Bullying has become a big issue in all schools all around the world and it is very important to address the seriousness of the issue. School plays a crucial role both in preventing bullying and stopping it when it does occur. The goal of the anti-bullying campaign is to decrease the prevalence of bullying and promote a safe, warm environment inside the school campus. Ms. Fathima Saiba, Student Counsellor of Mesis Happiness Centre was the coordinator of the campaign. Mr.Akshith Sharavanan, Head boy Mesis delivered the welcome speech. The session started with an anti-bullying speech by the student parliament members (Mr.Akshit Sharavanan, Ms,Husna Saeed, Mr. Trivikram Sunil, Ms,Nayan Thambi, Mr.Jonathan Reuben, Mr. Asim Naveed, Mr. Abu Muhammed and Mr. Ansh Darji). The speech was all about what bullying is, why people are bullying and some important tips on how to deal with being bullied. A Video on the topic bullying and mental health was also presented. Ms. Falaqul Tahira, student of grade X presented a PowerPoint presentation about bullying followed by a song by Ms. Nayan thambi. Students of grade 10 & 12 also presented various anti-bullying posters. Mesis Principal Mrs. Pramila Kannan talked about the importance of creating awareness regarding the anti-bullying inside the school campus. The students also shared their experiences of bullying and how they survived from those past events. The Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Husna Saeed, Head girl Mesis. As the continuation of the campaign, Student Parliament members conducted a session for grade VI, VII & VIII students in Multipurpose Hall regarding the same. Students can report the cases of bullying to the Student Counselor as well as the School Parliament members or they can drop it as a message in the Happiness Box which is kept in front of the Happiness Centre so that school can take appropriate actions to prevent bullying inside the campus.