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MES Indian School, Abu Hamour Branch (MESIS) recently held its second Student Parliament Elections for the posts of Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl, Sports Captain, Arts Secretary and Student Editor for the academic year 2022- 2023.

Students of Grades VI to VIII were eligible for the posts of Arts Secretary, Sports Captain and Magazine Editor. The Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl titles were reserved for Grade IX students only.

A total number of 85 nomination forms were received from students and 18 nominations were accepted after scrutiny by the election committee. The Chief Election Commissioner for the Student Parliament, Principal, Dr E.M Haneef allotted the election symbols to each candidate. The students of higher grades were assigned as election officers

All contesting candidates met their voters in ‘Meet the Candidate Programme’ at School Multi-purpose hall and declared their manifesto, introduced themselves and spoke eloquently in their discrete persuasive speeches. The candidates exhibited their election posters on the school notice board and a silent election campaign was done by the candidates.

All students from grade III to IX were eligible to cast their votes for their choice of candidate except for grade I and II students – class monitors got a chance to cast their votes. These votes were considered as postal votes. Voting was conducted via the ballot paper system. Indelible ink marking system was followed.

The Returning officers circulated clear instructions on the method of voting. Election officers prepared a mock voting video and circulated in all classes. It would help the students to get a detailed information about the steps involved in voting.

Counting of votes carried out and recorded 83.12% polling in the student parliament election. The elected Student Parliament Members of MESIS are: Master Alif Abdullah Patel as Deputy Head Boy, Fadwa Mohammed Saleem as Deputy Head Girl, Haripriya B V as Sports Captain, Laiqa Mariyam Salman as Student Editor and Ayesha Mohammed Nadeeem Shekh as Arts Secretary.

The School Parliament Election provided an opportunity for all students to involve in school governance and decision making through a group of democratically elected students who represent the views of all students at the school, gave knowledge regarding the function of democracy and understanding the process of the parliamentary system of the government.

The Department of Social studies coordinated the student parliament election. The Returning officers were Mrs. Riya Antony, Mrs. Viquar Fathima and Mr. Nameer.