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MESIS Happiness Centre hosted the Day of Happiness on Monday, March 20, 2023 for the students of Grade I – VII. Ms. Fathima Saiba, the student counsellor of Mesis Happiness Centre was the coordinator of the programme. Activities such as colouring, face painting, a “Wall of Happiness” (bulletin board decoration), etc. were conducted for the students. Games such as Musical Chair and JAM (just a minute) were also conducted in the multipurpose hall. To express their gratitude to their loved ones, a gratitude letter writing activity was conducted for the students of grades 3 and 4. . Bon Appétit, an activity where students were asked to bring their favourite foods and share them with their friends in the classroom, was also organised to teach students the importance of “sharing is caring” and to promote cooperative and compassionate behaviour among themselves. A happiness corner was also set up in the green carpet area for students to click their pictures.