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MESIS celebrated the International Day of Peace on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2023. The program began with a peace rally, which was inaugurated by the Principal Mrs.Pramila Kannan. Students from grade 1 – 4 participated in the peace rally. A peace corner was set up in the green carpet area where students could record their thoughts on peace. Ms. Meera Girish from grade XI A gave a speech on peace through FM radio. A skit titled “Peace Pact” was performed by the students of grade 8. The FM radio program ended with a beautiful peace song by the MESIS students. The last program was the Treasure Hunt for Grade 6 and 7 students, which was mainly about how to be peaceful between challenges. Grade 7 students were the winners of the treasure hunt. The celebration ended with a message from the Principal about the importance of peace for the winners. The program was coordinated by Ms. Fathima Saiba and Ms. Aysha Haneef of MESIS Happiness centre.