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MESIS celebrated “Garangao “ on Thursday, 13th April 2023 with enthusiasm. Students of Grade I-VIII dressed beautifully in traditional clothes to commemorate the occasion. The Qatar history team organizedthe event to promote Qatar’s national identity and foster cultural understanding and diversity among the students. During the first two periodsstudents engaged themselves in decorating the classroom bulletin board. The programme, conducted in the Multipurpose hall, started with the recitation of the verses from the holy Quran by Shayan Shaneeb of class 7A. The Principal, Mrs Pramila Kannan joined the celebration and emphasised the value of Garangao Celebration. The programme was anchored by Vaigha Hareesh of class VIII B,a PPT was presented by Ragendhu of class VII B followed by a plethora of cultural events showcasing the vivid culture of Qatari people which included Arabic dance and Arabic song, Role play and Poem recitation that was presented with immense zeal and fervour. Henna designing was also organised to boost and encourage studentsto develop skills of coordination and art.