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MESIS celebrated 75th Republic Day of India

MES Indian School, Abu Hamour Branch (MESIS) celebrated 75th Republic Day of India in the school campus. The programme was a grand event, marked by patriotic fervour and cultural richness. The occasion was graced by esteemed guests, Mr. A.T Usman (Treasurer of the MES Governing Board) and Mr. Firos K (Secretary of the MES Governing Board).
The event commenced with the dignified hoisting of the national flag by guests of the day, in the presence of Mrs. Pramila Kannan (Principal, MESIS) and Mrs. Annie Francis (Vice Principal, MESIS) symbolizing the pride and unity of the nation. The unfurling of the tricolour flag was accompanied by the singing of the national anthem, echoing the spirit of patriotism among the attendees.
An aura of collective commitment and unity enveloped MESIS as a significant addition unfolded during the Republic Day celebration. The introduction of the MESIS Pledge marked a poignant moment, reinforcing the shared values and aspirations of the academic community.
The school Principal delivered an inspiring address, emphasizing the significance of democracy and unity. Dance performances, musical renditions and theatrical acts captivated the audience, reflecting the cultural mosaic of the institution.
The success of the Republic Day celebration owes much to the meticulous planning and dedicated efforts of the organizing committee, staff and students.
The Republic Day celebration at MESIS not only honoured the spirit of the constitution but also provided a platform for fostering a sense of unity and pride among the academic community. The event concluded with a renewed commitment to upholding the values enshrined in the constitution and nurturing responsible citizens for the future.