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MES Indian School, Abu Hamour Br. witnessed a glorious Women’s Day celebration

She is a dreamer, a believer, a doer, an achiever.
‘She’ is every woman.”
MES Indian School, Abu Hamour Br. witnessed a glorious Women’s Day celebration. The intent of the event was to acknowledge and recognize the contributions and accomplishments made by women in the school setting. With a multitude of displays and activities, the program left an indelible mark on all those in attendance.
Mr. Sujin presented his welcome speech for the ceremony, following which Mrs. Pramila Kannan, the principal, delivered a speech outlining the significance of Women’s Day and stressing the need for gender parity and empowerment. Her speech set the tone for the shared viewpoints by uplifting and encouraging the audience.
In a moving speech, Vice Principal, Mrs. Annie Francis, honored the achievements of women in an assortment of domains. Her remarks struck a chord with the crowd and encouraged a spirit of resolve and confidence in themselves.
A special homage was paid in honor of the late Mrs. Rakhi, a cherished teacher who departed unexpectedly. Her commitment to teaching, her fondness of it, and the positive influence she made on her children’s lives were all honored in the speech. It was a moving moment that made everyone realize how important it is to value and honor the contributions made by rare individuals.
The teachers put on a number of exquisite cultural shows, from rhythmic dance steps to melodic notes through songs, to highlight the school’s rich cultural diversity. The audience erupted in ovation and sincere gratitude for the performances.
An exchange of thoughtful presents was arranged among the female teachers as an expression of recognition. By giving each other a chance to show their appreciation and support, the teachers were able to strengthen their bonds with one another and the staff as a whole.
Encapsulating the spirit of empowerment, acknowledgment, and unity, the Women’s Day event at MES Indian School, Abu Hamour Br., was tremendously successful. A reminder of the potential and accomplishments of women within the school community was conveyed via talks, cultural events, and the exchange of presents, making it a day of inspiration, gratitude, humility, and celebration