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MES Indian School, Abu Hamour Br., celebrated Teachers’ Day

On September 5, 2023, MES Indian School, Abu Hamour Br., celebrated Teachers’ Day with a grand event honouring teachers. The ceremony, which was lavish, honoured the importance of its faculty of educators for their enormous influence on creating the future. The distinguished principal, Mrs. Pramila Kanan, graced the occasion with her presence. She welcomed the school staff’s gathering with a speech that was laced with inspiration, gratitude, and unity. Later, she elaborated on the ladder that every teacher should help the students climb—their journey from excellent learners to the finest of individuals. The wonderful day saw a creative extravaganza with both the students and the teachers participating in culturally rich events, encasing in its folds a series of delightful segments ranging from music, dance, and speeches to rewarding each member of the faculty with tokens of heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. At the conclusion of the teachers’ day celebration, a sincere air of gratifying pleasure radiated praise and faith throughout MESIS. Thus began a collective effort to support everyone’s learning and development.