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Jota- Joti event was organised by Qatar Amateur Radio Station

Jota- Joti event was organised by Qatar Amateur Radio Station in collaboration with World Scouts Association where the scouts from different parts of the world interacted with each other through latest technology and shared their views about the activities that they do. The students got the brief overview of how the scouts association run across the globe and what is the significance of this association.
The students understood World scouts and guides aim to offer an immersive and engaging experience, complete with interactive features, informative content, and realistic environments. With regard to the event 5 scouts and 5 guides from M.E.S.I.S along with their in charge teachers Mr Geordy George and Ms Afsha Ashraf Zargar participated in the Jota-Joti event.
The meeting was started by the leaders of Qatar Scouts Organization. In the meeting Mr. Jassim Al Hardan Scouts Association Commissioner, Mr. Ahmed Al Mahanadi Vice President of Society, Mr. Al Jassim Sabaan General Secretary Amateur Radio Station gave an introduction about the importance of Radio stations and how they play an important role in today’s world of technology.The scouts meeting proved to be very beneficial, our students thoroughly enjoyed their time spent with the scouts and guides. They had an exceptional experience filled with fun, adventure, and valuable life lessons. The activities and interactions provided by the scouts and guides truly captivated our students, fostering a deep sense of camaraderie and personal growth.