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MES Indian School, Abu Hamour Br.’s Annual Sports Meet, INFINITO ‘23, held on December 16, 2023, was the embodiment of athletics, agility, and talent, where sports collaborated with skill and honour met potential.
The glorious event, with a resounding turnout of 864 participants, was christened by Mr. Mohammad Rabbani, Hurdle Champion, Qatar, the honourable chief guest for the day, followed by a meaningful address by the school’s respected principal, Mrs. Pramila Kannan. The head boy and member of the school parliament, Master Jonathan Deron, united the gathering, enveloping the guests, athletes and parents, alike, with his humbling words of welcome.
As prerequisites to the fateful event, the agile athletes took part in badminton, basketball, and football tournaments, with track and field marking the last of it. The auspicious ground roared aloud with the coming together of the parents for the crackling event’s opening ceremony.
As a feat of marvel, the gracious house captains led the athletes’ march past, followed shortly by a sight of magnificence, with the torch-relay carried out by the achievers in the realm of the Qatar Cluster Championship, with the oversight of the school’s Sports Captain, Master Mohammad Aslam. Turning to the recognition corner, the winner of the track and field champions trophy and the regarded overall championship trophy, Topaz House stood proud and tall as capped in the coat of celebration and glee. In close second and third places, Ruby and Emerald Houses bagged the said positions, respectively. In honour and appreciation of the hard-work, stamina, strength and dedication of the budding athletes, the principal, Mrs. Kannan, bestowed upon them their due rewards in the form of coveted trophies.

Wrapping up the events for the day, the head girl and member of the school parliament, Miss Nayan Thambi, relayed her words of thorough pride and joy through her vote of thanks.

INFINITO ‘23, marked yet another milestone for the potential residing within each member of the MESIS family, with the promise of everlasting growth, grit, and pace.