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Guidelines to attend ONLINE EXAM

Dear Parents,
1. Join the Zoom meeting with the given Zoom ID and password. (ID and Password will be shared by the class teacher)
2. ‘SWITCH ON’ the camera and minimize the Zoom screen.
3. Login to your registered Gmail account.
4. Click the examination link sent by the class teacher
5. You will find the question paper link as shown below. Click to view it.

The complete question paper will be displayed on your screen.

<CLASS & NAME OF THE SUBJECT> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_JoAQ2lukaq4rfst6gQAX-K7- AVlqEnr-/view?usp=sharing

6. Read the questions displayed on your screen and write the answers. (A4 sheets or ruled paper). Draw margins and write your name, class, division, subject & page number.
7. Write the correct question number as shown in the question paper while writing the answers. The questions need not be copied in the answer sheet.
8. After completing your exam, the answer script(s) should be scanned and sent to the respective ID given in the question paper (Respective subject teacher).
9. A copy of the same needs to be marked as CC to the following e-mail ID: answersheet@mesisqatar.com
10.Question Paper link will be shared through (i) E-Mail (ii) Class WhatsApp Group and (iii) Zoom Chat Box, well in advance. But you can access it only at 12.40 pm.

Steps to send the answer script(s)

a. Scan the answer script.
b. Go to the GMAIL window. Click on compose. (As shown below)

c. Mention the mail ID to be sent exactly as given in question paper.
d. Mention the “Subject” as Name of the Student, Class and Division.
e. Attach the answer script and send

Submission of the answer scripts of classes III to VIII should be done latest by 01.25 p.m., on all exam days.

    • Student should login to Zoom while writing the online exam.
    • Students will be virtually monitored by the teacher during the exam.
    • Students should be seated in their seats throughout the exam.