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Mental health is an issue that has been around for a long time, but it has not received enough attention. One of the main reasons mental health is not discussed is because people associate mental illness with weakness and hide it. Mental health is an important part of the life of a person as it impacts our behaviours, emotions, and thoughts. Maintaining good mental and physical health is very important in one’s life. Therefore an orientation session was conducted for the students of grade X & XII by renowned clinical psychologist Dr.Bindu Salim who is a highly skilled mental health professional with over 25 years of experience. The session was to educate them about the importance of mental as well as physical health especially during the time of board exams. The welcome address was delivered by Ms. Fathima Saiba, the Student Counsellor followed by motivational talk by the Principal Mrs. Pramila Kannan. The session was all about helping the students to prepare themselves for the grade X & XII exams as it is the crucial part of their life. The session included some major topics such as the importance of mental well-being, mindfulness, management of emotions, setting up SMART goals, time management skills, and also tips to control anxiety and depression etc. The session was very interactive as some activities were given to the students. Ms. Sarah Sheikh, the project coordinator also shared her thoughts regarding the same at the end. The session ended with Vote of thanks by Ms. Nayan Thambi, grade XII student followed by a photo session of the speaker and the attendees.