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Board exams are among the most challenging aspects of the school experience. There is much to learn, keep organized, and remember asstudents head into finals. Exams are indeed a stressful time, but success is all about how to manage that stress and prepare yourself for the exams. Therefore an orientation session was conducted for the students of grade 9 on the topic “Effective Exam Preparation Strategies.” The session mainly focused on different strategies that help students to prepare themselves for the exams. The counselors spoke about how to set a goal and to make a plan to achieve that goal. Different time management strategies and self & group study strategies were also mentioned during the session. The counsellors provided awareness to the students regardin study habits- creating the perfect study environment, test taking skills, preventing malpractice in examination etc. The session also included the importance of setting healthy daily routines as well as self-care strategies. A Power Point presentation and Video were used as the aids of orientation session. The session was concluded with a short motivational session by the Principal Ms. Pramila Kannan regarding the same.