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EXPO-Crescendo ‘24: MESIS Shines Bright with Students’ Talent

MES Indian School- Abu Hamour Branch (MESIS) proudly hosted Expo-Crescendo ’24, a ground-breaking event that showcased an array of innovative projects aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals across various disciplines.
The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Ashraf Sharafudheen (Director of Academics, MES Governing Board) along with Mrs. Pramila Kannan (MESIS, Principal). Both expressed overwhelming admiration for the showcased talent and passion of the students.
Students unveiled an impressive array of creative projects, including live demonstrations, still models and working models. Embracing the theme of sustainability, their efforts were evaluated based on creativity and overall impact.
A highlight of the Expo was the Qatar History-Theatre show, titled “No War (Palestine)” which provided a poignant exploration of historical narratives.
Additionally, Scouts and Guides spearheaded a campaign for the SDGs, with notable involvement from Mr. Ahmed Khamis B Al-Yousef (Scouts Activities Consultant from the Qatar Scouts and Guides Islamic and Arabic Department) and Ms. Mona Jumah Al-Mansouri (Scouts and Guides Expert).
The venue exuded Qatari hospitality, created an engaging atmosphere for parents and students alike. The Expo-Crescendo ’24 witnessed an overwhelming turnout, set a benchmark for excellence and reinforced MESIS’s commitment to nurturing the creativity and potential of its students.
The parents were captivated by the impressive ideas and inherent talents displayed by the students of MESIS during the event.