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Art festival-RETRO 3

On May 25, 2024, MESIS hosted and rejoiced in its third annual art festival, RETRO 3. The day-long festivities enveloped captivating dance performances, musicals, and skills of calligraphy and witnessed the cultivation of unparalleled literary initiatives. The event was graced by Mr. Ahamed Isham, Deputy General Secretary, MES Governing Board, Mrs. Pramila Kannan, Principal, MESIS, and Mrs. Annie Francis, Vice Principal, MESIS, along with an enthralling turnout of parents and students alike. Mrs. Kannan, in her awe-inspiring address, spoke about the genius that resides within the premises of the institution and how events, such as RETRO 3, always hone the creative talents of the young. The event concluded on a joyous note, with a promise to return with much vigor and scope the following year.