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Seven students from MESIS Indian School, Abu Hamour Branch attended the Fall Model UN conference hosted by Georgetown University Qatar recently. Master Trivikram Sunil of Grade 11 represented Saudi Arabia in UNEP, Master Vamsikrishnan Madhusudanan of Grade 9 represented Portugal in UN Historical, Master Syed Ahmed Khaderi of Grade 11 represented Guatemala in UNHRC, Master Mohammed Farid of Grade 11 represented Hungary in UNHRC, Ms Falaqul Thahira of Grade 9 represented Russia in CSW, Master Jonathan Darron Reuben of Grade 9 represented Nigeria in UNHRC and Master John Parinthirickal Sajeeve of Grade 11 represented Turkey in SOCHUM.

Around 500 students of different nationalities from different schools in Qatar had participated in this youth event where the student delegates debated on the topics such as Terrorist Threats to International Peace, The Politicization of Religious Sites, Nuclear Proliferation, Education of females in post-conflict zones, Xenophobia and the Persecution of Muslim minority across the globe, Privatization of War, Water and Food security in a post Covid-19 world, the Cuban missile crisis etc.

Master Trivikram Sunil of MESIS has been awarded with Honourable Mention plaque in UNEP committee for his outstanding performance and debating skills.

MESIS Vice Principal, Ms Pramila Kannan and officials appreciated the students for taking up such model diplomatic challenges. Chief coordinator for students external activities Mr Manmmadhan Mambally groomed the MESIS delegation.