P.O. Box No. 47666 Doha-Qatar


M.E.S.I.S Abu Hamour Br, has one Physics lab, one Chemistry lab and one Biology lab.

All the labs are renovated as per the modern design and which can accommodate over 50 students per subject. The labs are well equipped with apparatus required to carry out the practical for all the classes from IX & XII and brand new furniture with granite finish on the working tables. All the labs are equipped with smart board and projector to fulfil the need as per 21st century learning skills.

Science laboratory equipment will allow our students to interact directly with the data that is gathered. They will be getting a first-hand learning experience by performing different experiments on their own, guided by the teachers. Pupils make use of the models and then understand the different scientific concepts and theories.

M.E.S Indian School aims to instil scientific temper on students with advanced lab facilities and produce the future scientists and innovators.