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The school has a Central Reference Library with internet and wide range of books, periodicals and journals. Students will be issued books as per the schedule prepared under the supervision of the teacher in charge of library periods.

Class Days & time allotted
I – III Classroom Library
IV – VIII Alternate weeks
IX & XI Recess Time
Note: Classes IV – VIII will be issued books during their library periods under the supervision of the teacher concerned.
  • Every member of the library should bring his/her school ID card while he or she visits the library for any purpose.
  • Visitors should keep their personal belongings in special racks provided for this purpose at the entrance of the library.
  • Librarian has the right to check books or any materials taken from the library by any member or visitor to the library.
  • Students shall utilize library periods for reading books, magazines, newspapers and doing reference work.
  • Students should observe perfect discipline inside the library.
  • Only one book will be issued per student at a time on the days fixed for each class.
  • Students shall handle the books carefully. Any damage caused to the books borrowed from the school library shall have to be replaced.
  • They shall keep the library books safely. They shall have to pay double the cost of the books if they lose them or replace with the same book or similar book worth same cost.
  • Students are advised to examine the books borrowed carefully before leaving the library. They must report to the librarian if they find the book damaged, otherwise they may be held responsible for the same.
  • They shall take utmost care and caution while handling library books.
  • Library books are issued for two weeks. A book may be re-issued for a further period of 7 days if there is no demand for it. For such renewal the book must be produced.
  • No one shall have their refreshments in the library.
  • The students and staff are requested to bring to the notice of the librarian any objectionable materials in the book or otherwise.
  • A book or non-book material in the waiting list will be kept for a particular member for 3 working days only. On the 4 th day it will be issued to the next member in the list.
  • Students must return the library books 10 days before the terminal and 15 days before the annual examinations. Those who do not return the books will not be allowed to take the examinations.