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For all classes from Grade I to XI with projectors, smart boards, Wi-Fi connectivity, computers etc.

E-Learning education system
The e-learning system is facilitated by interactive class rooms supported with interactive white boards, projectors, computers and IC.

E-learning – a comprehensive investigation of course developers’ and language teacher trainees’ views regarding the usefulness and effectiveness of a multimedia self-tuition course.

Online learning helps students to create and communicate new ideas. You get the chance to uplift your skills and gain knowledge apart from school education. One of the prime importance of e-learning is that it helps students and teachers develop advanced skills.

Need for e learning:
E-Learning provides scalability which helps in providing training. All students can receive the same type of syllabus, study materials, and train through ELearning. Through E-Learning, you can save time, and money and reduced transportation costs. so, E-Learning is cost-effective compared to traditional learning.

Role of e-learning education in student development
Enhanced knowledge and skill acquired through conducive visual learning benefits students much more than conventional learning methods of reading printed text book or listening to classroom-based instructions

Enables better understanding of concepts and fundamental challenges of future with universal knowledge gained beyond text books.

Supports natural learning with knowledge constructions to develop intelligence (combination of spatial intelligence, linguistic intelligence and problem solving skills)

Student-Centric presentation exercises and interactive sessions enhance better communication and presentation skills in students to bridge the gap between teaching and learning.