P.O. Box No. 47666 Doha-Qatar


Create passionate learners and encourage them to become global leaders who care, connect and contribute to the world wherein they think globally and act locally. Help to excel the learners by providing quality education in a comfortable and safe environment.


Build a micro-climate of infinite possibilities for the 21st century learners to explore their inner potentials; be a passionate and reflective learner; to become global citizens having holistic approach and balanced development of body, mind and spirit.

OUR Objectives

  • To deliver a comprehensive curriculum which is supported by experiential learning with the best practices, for moulding an international community of learners.
  • To encourage pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise and sport.
  • To make the best use of resources for a sustainable & environmentally viable growth.
  • To support and actively contribute to our local and wider communities.
  • To enlighten our students to nurture up as global citizens with adaptability and respect towards one another.
  • To empower the faculties by continuous professional development programmers.