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“A Father Gives his Child nothing better than a Good Education” – Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

Principal’s Message

Providing quality education at par with international standards, at affordable cost is the indubitable social service. The MESIS team is committed to provide the 21st century learners with real life experiences to grow as a community of lifelong learners! Education is to learn, unlearn and relearn the aspects to foster the holistic development of human personality – intellectual, physical, social, ethical, moral and emotional. And this can be achieved only through the combined efforts of all the stakeholders of the institution.

Our curriculum is premeditated to fortify the learners to develop their capacities through cognitive exercises and activities. MESIS offers a wide range of choices on meaningful learning experiences to stimulate the minds of our students and to cultivate the love of learning, paramount to our success in the level of commitment, compassion and empathy that our teachers have for their students. The process of goal setting and dream building begins in our school at the very early stage to prepare the aspirants to strive for success. The pace of overall progress in personal and social life would be amazingly promising.

We are in the process of implementing various developmental programs to mould the future of our children to grow as global citizens who are academically competent, mentally strong, physically robust, emotionally balanced, socially committed and dedicated to their parents and family. Our devoted team work aims at the multi-dimensional development of the upcoming generations, to create legacies of social and human values, as it is the call of the time.

On behalf of the entire crew at MESIS, I solicit your unflinching support, co-operation and valuable suggestions to elevate the institution to further heights of success in the ensuing years.